Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dog also want Doritos

I think maybe the dog want same piece of doritos

Doritos Funny Stuff

Today I want to share funny things about Doritos that I loved. I think you will love it.

When Doritos in public and at home. how is different
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I guess this explains why the Doritos Japanese never won first place at wheel-barrow racing

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What do you think about this jacket. I need one. Is it real Doritos.?

Awesome Doritos bikini

So I will collect these things and share to everyone soon. So If you want to get free doritos coupons 2012 to do funny thing just click picture below. and don't forget to share funny stuff to other. :)
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Doritos Packaging Prototype

I really love this. It's amazing prototype design packaging. You can see on this video.

And then scaled-down prototype of the Doritos packaging concept developed.
What's good about the form of the packaging is its structure which can keep the chips closed after opening.

And here for real Doritos package That designer already made it.
Thank for Petar Pavlov is designer that spread your idea to the world have good thing for Doritos

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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Doritos and my pets

My cat Houdini, also known as, "The Large One", loves Doritos! He will even go into the pantry and drag out the bag and help himself. Hope you like the photo!

What's one person's trash is another dog's treasure Doritos !!!!!

After try Doritos Nacho Cheese

Let see people after try Doritos Nacho Cheese. And some good recommendation.
Doritos Nacho Cheese

"Heineken + Doritos Nachos + Sunday =  Awesome weekend!"

"Coca-Cola with Doritos Nachos wow!!!"

"I love Doritos are the best"

"Thank you to Doritos cheesy crunchy goodness"

"Ate a giant pack of Doritos, nacho cheese, from leaking!"

What about you! please share you comments below.

Doritos Coupons Ads Cool

Do you know what the Doritos House Rules for
The ads hi-light a lothario showing up for a date with a single mother.
While he waiting by talking down to her very young son. When he takes one of the boy’s chips, the young man slaps him and tells him in no uncertain terms to keep his hand off his Doritos and “my mama.”

“We liked that ad because it shared a situation that many people can relate to — the review that you get from the family of your date,” said Doritos spokesman Chris Kuechenmeister.